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Looking for something to play with? Visit the Comment Spam Tester and submit some comments for you (and me) to see whether my anti-spam solution is working out as intended.

Work is currently being done on OAuth 2.0 support which will enable account creation and logging in via Google, Facebook, Patreon, Disqus, and potentially other systems. Similarly, it will allow a comic creator to automatically post to Google+, Facebook, and potentially Twitter. (Why not allow Twitter sign-ins? Well, while Twitter does support OAuth 1.x, it doesn't provide any account information like a real name or confirmed email address; that makes supporting OAuth registration and logins rather pointless for them.) There's nothing currently to test this support, and it still has a reasonably long ways to go, but this work is being done as quickly as possible. Happy Easter! - Raymond March 27, 2016

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